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MushPro Heating Incubator

MushPro Heating Incubator

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✔️ Automated Set and forget system

✔️ Adjust the temperature with hand-held control dial 

✔️ Easy to use plug and play system

✔️ Maintain optimal temperatures with accurate reading probe

✔️Adjustable Ventilation for optimal humidity levels and air exchange

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The MushPro Incubator lets you grow mushrooms easily & year-round 🌡️

The MushPro incubator is a set and forget heating system for keeping optimal temperatures during colonisation and fruiting. Perfect for incubating substrates, grow kits and agar. Incubation temperature can be adjusted from 20-26°C with the hand-held control and temperature dial. And automate misting and fanning with adjustable ventilation for optimal fruiting conditions.


  • 50w Insulated Heater creating the perfect balanced heating environment with low energy cost
  • Digital Thermometer to keep the optimum temperatures of 21-26°C
  • Easy to Use hand-held control with temperature dial
  • Insulated Inside Tub which can hold substrate, kits and agar
  • Adjustable Ventilation panels for humidity and air control
  • Dimensions L52cm x W42.5cm x H28cm
  • Extra Large 20L capacity
  • Covered by our lifetime guarantee 

WE DO NOT INCLUDE the kits shown inside the incubator


Simple plug-in and play! Place the temperature probe inside the heated chamber and adjust from 20-26°C with the hand-held control and temperature dial. Adjust ventilation panels for optimum humidity and airflow

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