1. To get your incubator started, simply plug it in and set the dial to your desired temperature. For colonisation, we recommend keeping it in the 20-24°C range. The red light should be on to indicate the unit is heating. Place the probe inside the heating chamber to control the heating cycle and maintain your set temperature.

2. Next, take the probe of the temperature reader and place it inside the heating chamber. Use the temperature reader to get an accurate measure of the internal conditions. 

2. For the colonisation stage, keep the vents closed. Sufficient air exchange will still be occurring. Closing the vents will retain the heat inside the chamber and maintain higher CO2 which aids the speed of mycelium growth.  



3. In order to automate misting and fanning you need to balance the humidity and airflow inside the unit. To start, take the black bottom tray and fill it with around 100ml of water, let it fill up inside the grooves. Humidity is created when the unit is switched on. Set to the desired temperature. We recommend keeping it around 20-23°C for fruiting, a few degrees less than colonisation. Make sure to check and top up the water every few days.

4. The heat will slowly evaporate the water that is retained in the grooves of the tray to create humidity. The higher the temperature you set, the more evaporation occurs and thus the more humidity builds up inside the unit. We recommend keeping the temperature around 20-23°C for optimal humidity, but you can adjust as needed using the temperature dial.


5. When you’re ready to fruit, crack the vents open slightly, but not fully as plenty of air exchange will be occurring. You only need to open the vents fully if you’re growing particularly large mushrooms or your flush sizes are large, as they’ll need more oxygen in order to grow. 

6. After your grow is finished, we recommend taking a 70% isopropyl alcohol soaked rag and wipe the bottom tray and lid clean. The unit needs minimal maintenance, but its always a good idea to sanitise it before and after each grow.