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All-In-One Grow Bag - MS-4 Mix (12 pack)

All-In-One Grow Bag - MS-4 Mix (12 pack)

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🧫Easy to use 1.25kg All-In-One bag

🍄 Grow mushrooms right inside the bag

💉 Ready to inoculate with your solution of choice (sold separately)

🧪 Pre-sterilised under cleanroom lab conditions

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Grow Organic Mushrooms With Ease

Our coir mix All-In-One bags use premium millet grain, one of the best options for spawn production. Millet is superior to many other grains as it colonises rapidly and resists contamination. The grain is blended with our coir, vermiculite and gypsum bulk substrate, to give a nice fluffy mix. One that supports vigorous, healthy mycelium and ultimately better flushes of mushrooms. The MS-4 mix is perfect for dung-loving and exotic species like agaricus blazei or agaricus bisporus.  

You do not need any expensive lab equipment to get started with these bags, making them incredibly versatile and easy to use. Simply inoculate with 3-6ml of gourmet culture or spore solution (NOT PROVIDED) via the injection port and leave to colonise. Within 3 to 4 weeks the substrate will colonise fully and be ready to initiate fruiting of your mushrooms.

Freshly Made With Quality Ingredients 

Good ingredients make for good substrates. That is why we only use 100%, natural and organic ingredients. Mushrooms are quite sensitive to artificial chemicals and do not grow well on contaminated substrates. It is for this reason that we only use the finest, natural ingredients for your ‘shroomies'. 


Please aim to use grow kits or substrate as soon as you have received them. If you plan to use them at a later date, they are best stored in the fridge. Each item will have an expiration date of up to 2-4 months if stored correctly.

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